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Booking Process:


  • All our photography bookings are done using our website online schedule at The online calendar is always accurate and up-to-date

  • If you are planning on hosting an event with or shooting video content with sound, please email us directly at to get pricing and to make reservations

  • After you go through the final booking step - payment processing, you will receive an email confirmation with your booking details

  • If you require backdrops, please call beforehand to see if they are available. We charge $5 per ft stepped on.

  • When you arrive at the studio, you will be asked to provide your ID and credit card information. Our reception staff will visit the studio room 10 minutes before the end of your booking to ensure that the room is left in its original condition. If there are damages to floors/walls/

furniture/equipment, you will be asked to reimburse the damage. If you don’t have a credit card, you will be asked to provide a deposit of $300.00. We will check the studio that you have booked 10 minutes before the end of your booking & if everything


Payment and Cancellation Policy:

  • All Bookings must be paid in full at the time of booking

  • All bookings are non-refundable.  We can reschedule your booking if notice is given at least five days before your appointment.

  • We will be able to reschedule your appointment one time

  • For cancelation or rescheduling request that occurs in less than five days from your appointment, the payment will be forfeited.


Metyda Studios General Rules:

  • We recommend arriving at our studio 10 minutes before the start of your booking so that you can check in with our attendant, get wi-fi details, and find out where our bathrooms and changing rooms are located.

  • Our attendants will visit your studio rooms within 10 minutes before the end of your booking to ensure that the room is left in its original condition. Furniture and props must be moved back to their original place, and all garbage must be placed into garbage cans.

  • Our studio attendants can check the rooms during your studio time if we hear loud noises, dragging of furniture, or suspected violation of studio rules and/or safety. They will knock on the door before entering and warn you before coming in.

  • Our studios are not soundproof. If you need to shoot video content, please get in touch with us directly at or 647-777-7440

  • We have cameras installed in our common areas/reception areas and inside the studio rooms.

  • Since the studio rooms are not soundproof, please keep the noise level to a reasonable volume, including any use of music. Music played in the studio must not contain any explicit content. If the noise becomes too loud, we will ask you to turn it down.

  • Our studios cannot be used to shoot pornographic content.

  • If a member of your party comes to the studio intoxicated, we reserve the right to ask them to leave the premises.

  • Smoking (including recreational drugs) is not permitted on studio premises.

  • Your booking is only for the room that you rented. If you would like a tour of other studio rooms, kindly ask our reception staff, and they will be happy to assist you.

  • A fire extinguisher is located in the common area of our studio at the back entrance, next to the washroom

  • Please note that failure to respect the studio rules, studio staff, or other customers will result in immediate termination of your booking and can result in a permanent ban from Metyda Studios.

  • Please bring all of your belongings into the studio rooms that you are renting and take them home with you after your photo shoot/event. We are not responsible for loss or damage to items left in the common areas.

  • We do not store items for your rental booking before the photo shoot or leave them behind after the shoot.

  • If you need to arrange delivery/storage of items before your event, please email us at, and we will advise you on what we can do.

  • Renter is required to ensure that they have left the studio in the same way that they first used it. This means that the furniture and props must be put back to their normal position. We require all renters to clean the studio concerning surfaces and garbage removal, including make-up and changing room stations. If we find permanent marks on the furniture and overall studio space, including walls and floors, the renter will be subject to professional cleaning fees/services associated with the damages.



Damage and Cleaning:

  • Furniture and props must be moved back to their original place, and all garbage must be placed into garbage cans.

  • If our attendant finds a messy room during the room check, you will be asked to stop taking pictures and clean up the room. If the room is still left untidy at the end of the booking, there will be a $50-100 cleaning fee added to your booking.

  • Please do not step on the furniture in shoes, and use indoor shoes or shoe covers when entering the studio rooms during the fall/winter months. We can provide you with shoe covers if you need them. If you take pictures in your outdoor shoes, you will be asked to wipe them down.

  • If you need to move furniture, please lift the items and do not drag them. This damages both the floors and furniture legs. If you need assistance, please get in touch with our studio staff.

  • Please do not bring candles into the studio unless they have glass coverings. Open-flame candles drip wax onto floors and other surfaces, causing damage, and the lit candles are not allowed and require special permission. Please email or call us for special permission if you require such a thing.

  • Cake smash sessions are not allowed on studio premises 

  • No open flame, dry ice, speakers, or smoke machines are allowed at the studio. If you require it for your photo shoot, please email us at

  • Please book an additional hour if you bring confetti, fake snow, or feathers into the studio space so that our team has sufficient time to vacuum the floors before the next booking. If you decide not to book the additional time, we will ask you to stop taking pictures during our room check and charge you an additional $50 for cleanup.

  • If there are damages to the floor/furniture/props / V Flats, or any other studio equipment, including extension, during your booking, you will be asked to reimburse the cost of the damages.

  • Broken furniture leg damage fee is $200, floor damage and deep scratches can range from $100-500 depending on the extent of the damage, and furniture damage is subject to a $100-$1000 damage fee.

  • Your booking is only for the room that you rented for the duration of the rental. If you require additional time to set up/take down, please factor it into your booking. If you need extra time and the room is available, you can rent additional time in 30-minute increments.

  • If you have a large party, please factor in the time to bring/take out your belongings from the studio space. You will be asked to wrap up your shoot 10 minutes early so that you can start clearing out space. Alternatively, you can dedicate a person from your party to start removing items while you are finishing the photo session.

Studio Capacity:

  • Maximum Studio capacity is 10 people.

  • The following is the number of people included with your booking per studio room. Please email us at if the number of attendants is above what is included so we can advise you of your options. If you bring extra people to the studio without notice, they will be asked to wait outside our premises.


Makeup stations:

  • Metyda Studios offers private and attached room changing and makeup stations that are not at an extra charge but are included in the room rate. You may use your make-up stations and changing rooms at all times during your booked hours. Please keep them clean and tidy after use


  • Our studio has free Wi-Fi for all studio guests. For username/password for Wi-Fi, please inquire with our studio attendant. 



  • We allow pets ONLY if a special request is submitted ahead of time. Our studio is a family-friendly environment, and due to allergies, we need to ensure that pets are brought in straight to the studio room without being in the waiting area. Please get in touch with us ahead of your shoot so we can arrange for your pet photo shoot.

  • If your pet pees on the studio floor or furniture, it will be subject to the damage fee ($50 for the floor, $300 for peeing on furniture)


Complementary Items and Props:

  • If you need to use background stands, extension cords, or a steamer during your shoot, please visit the reception desk. They are available free of charge, on a first-come, first-serve basis, and are subject to a damage fee if they are not returned in the original condition.

  • We do have additional complementary props that are located in the common area next to the changing rooms. Please return it after use in place. For any damage, you will be liable for $50 per item.

  • If you want backdrops, please call beforehand to see if they are available. We offer them as complementary if free fall. We charge $5 per ft stepped on


Thank you for booking with us…

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